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Explainer Video for Start-ups

Start-ups are virtually anywhere across the world. Building a successful company requires a lot of things to be in place. There are also so many ways that could grease your road to financial success. One of this is creating an explainer video before promoting it prominently where new customers, visitors and return customers can find it with ease.

Think of a video clearly showing off to anyone watching your service or product's core function without making them think you’re making some pitch or they’re watching an advert. In 90 minutes or so you should have given the viewers a good idea about what your start-up and its products and services are all about.

For start-ups that aren’t prominently using explainer videos, particularly on the home page there are enough reasons to believe they might not really explore their full possibilities. Huge companies such as social networking sites rely heavily on video as a part of their integral marketing strategy. A start-up, more than any other well structured and known company, can accomplish a lot with an explainer video.

Why would a start-up need an explainer video?

Press coverage

There was a time when reporters were very agile and fast at picking up news about a new company but things have changed. Most of them are lazy and have no time to rummage through a start-up's marketing literature to have an idea what the new company is all about. No media professional wants to take a few minutes just to know what a company does and the problems the start-up will be helping to solve. An explainer video makes it so easy to get covered while at the same allowing press coverage of your company to include your own explainer video content to add credibility and importance to your story.

Perpetuate fans evangelism

Every start-up deserves fans. Recruitment is always ongoing and with explainer videos you can have people sharing your content on Twitter and Facebook without even asking them. If the quality of the video is great, fan evangelism will be automatic. Think about having over 50,000 signups way before you launch your start-up, just because you had an explainer video on your website that gave them a reason to.

Boost SEO

If you have a website for your start-up the important thing is being found. Search engine optimization is incomplete without an explainer video that boosts your viewership and gives more people a reason to visit your website and try out your service or product.

Video repurposing

With an explainer video you have a type of content you can repurpose virtually anywhere you want. You can incorporate it in your pitches, home page, email signatures, YouTube, Facebook or share it with potential clients via the sales team. The possibilities are endless.

Above all, an explainer video for start-ups should be created by experts who have a history of producing really informative and most attractive explainer videos. Portfolio is critical and should essentially indicate the ability of the video creation service to come up with really quality content rich animated video that can help support and boost your projects, whether on DVD or streaming online.