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Explainer Video for Real Estate

One of the characteristics of the real estate industry is the cutthroat competition therein. It means one of the most important things in your marketing is ensuring you are offering something special. If you don't, chances are you'll face serious challenges trying to find customers. Like many professionals, real estate companies and agents stick to traditional marketing methods and ignore the fact that most visitors looking for information on real estate are also heavily online.

With explainer videos you can take your business to a whole new level. For instance, a message can be crafted in a single yet short video that will leave any viewer, most online visitors to your website, with a memorable and positive viewpoint. There are many reasons why a unique and high quality overview/explainer video is exactly what you need.

Unique method of promoting your business

Real estate firms and those who have invested heavily in the industry only need to look at the portfolios of companies from other industries using or have used explainer videos to know what they're missing. It's one of the newest methods of promoting a service, product or introducing your brand, company or services to prospective customers. The video and its audio are usually not long to give viewers the chance to get the message fast or exactly what you are offering them without lots of clutter in between. Today, people are more likely to watch a video about a dream home than reading a long text about it.

Highlight critical parts

An explainer video can easily be used to highlight certain areas of a real estate firm deemed important. For instance, in a bid to win potential clients over, various personnel and employees can be highlighted, stressing that the staff are always ready to move a step higher to ensure customers have the best property for their money.

Fun and entertaining

Animated explainer videos made by professionals in the industry can be fun, entertaining and very informative at the same time. It gives any real estate firm trying to tackle complex subject matter such as Foreclosure, rates and FHA loans the easiest, smooth and palatable way of presenting the information. In less than 90 seconds you can know all you want about a property, lucrative real estate projects, loans and application process, among other things.

Retention is higher

Research indicates that retention of information is higher in video content than written. The mind seems to switch off when figures and facts are presented in written form and immediately the mood changes when video and other audio visual methods are used. Not all are willing to spend hours reading FHA loan information and foreclosures while a single animated video, fun to watch and highly entertaining presents the information fast in 60 seconds. The viewer will feel good while the procedure will be explained so well they'll probably want to clear the deal immediately.

Advertising and marketing has already taken into social networking sites and other apps in our PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. An explainer video is easily shared in all these platforms and brand awareness as well as retention is very high.