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About us

At Videozee, our experts aim to create some of the most attractive and informative animated explainer videos for business entrepreneurs. Videozee is one of the leading video production companies in the market and can transform business promotional campaigns with high quality animated videos.

Our experience and ability to create videos for businesses across the world, belonging to different niches, separates us from the competition.

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Our Features

  • HD Quality Explainer Video

    Each video comes with facilities for HD quality and web based streaming and traditional video format

  • Real Human Voice Over

    Our services include offering you the best human voice over to help make the videos more persuasive and attractive.

  • Specialized Script Writing

    We offer specialized scriptwriting services. Our professional team of writers creates video scripts according to the specific needs of the marketing campaign or the business enterprise.

  • Story Boarding

    Our video production team creates effective and catchy storyboards to present the progression of your motion graphics videos.

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Explainer Video Starting from $399
Pay only 25% Upfront


Over the years, the manner in which users interact and conduct business online has changed. There is a demand for better and more interactive formats through social networking sites and video tutorials. Videos are a highly engaging tool to attract users. The search engine from Google has also placed emphasis on the presence of quality videos as a value added feature to the website. At Videozee, we adapt a specific method and approach to create videos that enhance the quality of your website and promotional campaign. Each aspect of the video production service is handled by professional experts.

We are committed to the value of excellence and employ teams of scriptwriters, storyboard artistes, graphic artists and animators to create the perfect blend of information and storytelling through videos. Our teams are dedicated to offer your websites the highest quality of videos to enhance sales and online popularity. From web videos, tutorial videos to introductory videos and overview videos, our experts can create a wide range of visual campaigns to suit your requirement. Each video is created with the aim of providing the best visual aid to your website.

Videozee offers businesses a chance to expand their brand presence across the market. Our attention to detail, assessment of the market and ability to deliver the best are proven. The company has consistently performed to the best of its ability and been a part of highly regarded and successful video campaigns on the internet. We dedicate ourselves to making video promotion on the internet an art form.